Interior Design Consultancy

Our design ethos is simple – a home should be a stylish, functional and comfortable space that is filled with objects of interest to create a unique atmosphere. We believe in good quality design and hand-picked items from all eras, restoring and up-styling when necessary so that each finished piece adds something wonderful to your home.


interior design

We all deserve a home that elevates our daily lives, providing comfort and style that can be both calming and inspiring. Wall colours, furniture, flooring, lighting, artwork and architectural features all combine to elevate a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our design service will transform your house into a home that delights at every opportunity, provides warm, embracing comfort and elegant design moments to stir the soul.


Sourcing is one of our passions. For years we’ve scoured the best of local and international suppliers. Having built a large catalogue from which we are able to tailor our design to perfectly match your style and that of your home, we ensure that you get all the benefits of our ethos of ‘affordable uniqueness’.

Antique Chesterfield sourced for client

Antique Chesterfield sourced for client


project management

Let MKOD manage all aspects of your project. We take the hassle and stress out of renovations or fit-outs, managing everything from trades to furniture sourcing and overall interior design. From start to finish you’ll have an experienced designer guide you through all the tough decisions, working within your budget to bring your dream home to life.


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